Not hired? Ask why!

Refusal after an interview is not the end of the world, it is just a new experience and a reason for self-analysis. But in order to conduct it, you need to know the reasons that recruiters do not always voice.

According to very general statistics, only every tenth interview is successful and entails a job offer. Job seekers often hear refusals, rarely with explanations, but even less often try to find out about the reasons.

We will tell you what questions to ask the recruiter after a failed interview and how this will help in the future job search.

Why was I turned down?

The most obvious and reasonable question that spins in the language of everyone who hears: “We cannot offer you a job” . Feel free to ask it.

It’s always better to hear the truth than to be lost in conjecture. Of course, instead of a detailed answer, you can hear the dry: “The choice was made in favor of another candidate” . Then skip to the next question.

How is he better than me?

Be sure to ask the recruiter why the choice was made in favor of another specialist, if you want to improve your self-presentation skills and get a job, even if not in this company. Find out what his personal and professional qualities did not leave the employer indifferent.

The wording, of course, needs to be more correct. For example, “What characteristics of my opponents determined your choice in their favor? This is important to me, I will make an effort to develop these qualities in myself or get a similar experience ” or ” I understand that besides me, others have applied for this position. They were stronger than me. What can you advise me to be more successful in the future? ”.

Do I have potential?

Try to find out from the recruiter what your professional qualities are of interest to him. After all, you can have all the necessary skills, and you do not consider them to be your advantage and do not focus on them in your resume or interview. In a personal conversation, the recruiter can give a complete answer or advise something sensible.

What do I need to work on?

Even the most worthy candidate has disadvantages. A look from the outside helps to detect and eliminate them in time. Are you being rushed and confused due to stress? Or don’t you know how to outline your career prospects in a particular company? Don’t be afraid to ask the recruiter to point out your “gaps” during the interview.

May I apply for your vacancy again?

At the end of the dialogue with the recruiter, note your willingness to improve taking into account his recommendations. This will show you your level of motivation. But it is she who is the decisive factor when hiring an employee.

Maintain a positive relationship with the recruiter, because this person is your ally and can be very useful for a career. For example, a candidate who was offered an offer may refuse, change his mind, not leave, accept another offer. And then you may well get an extra chance.

In addition, the company may open a vacancy in another department or recruit people for a new project. If the company has a good memory of you, then your resume will be the first to get out of the archive folder.

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