Why cats rule the world or how to charm an employer

How to become a “cute cat” for an employer and get a dream job.

The phenomenon of cats is known to many. Even the most brutal men and people with a piece of ice instead of a heart are likely to smile and hold their gaze for a second at a touching photograph of a cat lounging belly up on the carpet and languidly looking at the camera. They will be delayed and immediately embarrassed, and will hurry to scroll through the feed of the social network further. And, perhaps, no one will ever know that these people are subscribed to groups and channels dedicated to pets and their adorable habits. And their heart is not at all made of ice, but quite the opposite – hot, passionate and capable of deep feelings.

The candidate is certainly not a cat. But if you look at the “cat phenomenon” metaphorically, then, most likely, a person who wants to charm his future employer has something to learn from them.

Let’s see what exactly.


Cat owners are well aware that a domestic cat will never die of hunger, will not get bored, and will not be deprived of attention. Why? Because cats are excellent at initiating contact on their own. They do not be shy, do not hesitate, do not sit on the sidelines, do not expect their owner to guess that they want attention, but take the initiative in their hands and act.

A good candidate, by analogy, will achieve little if he is passive and humble.

After all, if you are looking for work, then all your environment should know about it. Because you never know where you will meet your future employer. Of course, it is important to note that the rule “Declare yourself! »Works well if you are unemployed or you have an agreement with your current employer to leave.

A candidate initiative is a carefully thought-out job search action plan that needs to be created, prescribed, prepared for possible difficulties and be ready for regular, result-oriented actions.


Who, no matter how a cat, knows how to bewitch a person in the shortest possible time, make him almost slavishly in love with himself? Who, like a cat, can bring a smile on people’s faces and stop time, enchanting with his sweetness? How does a cat do it? Natural charisma, gracefulness, fluffiness, softness, languor of movements, attentive gaze, absolutely categorical “meow” and much more. There are countless tricks in self-presentation of cats.

What about the candidate? After all, he also, if desired, can master special skills and use his, human, capabilities for high-quality self-presentation.

For example, create your own, unique, well-thought-out and interesting resume. And also prepare a catchy cover letter text. If this is relevant for the profession, make your portfolio that speaks eloquently about what kind of professional you are. You can also prepare a short self-presentation, take lessons in public speaking and practice interviews.

Kitty is certainly more fortunate. He has fur and paws. But! Candidates have their own talents, abilities, unique work experience, desire, willingness to learn. True, all this needs not only to be possessed, but also to be able to use, that is, to present yourself.


Have you heard this: “Nah, I don’t want a dog. You have to walk with her. Here is a cat – independent and no need to walk. Will it be easier with her “? And it’s true. Cats do not require special care for themselves, and for this, including, people love them. The owner receives an abundance of emotions and pleasant experiences from cats, and there is not so much trouble with them. Be like a cat.

  1. First, a good candidate understands that it is his responsibility to get a good job. Nobody, instead of the applicant, will take some of his steps towards the employer. You must complete this task yourself.
  2. Secondly, if we talk about the period of cooperation already, then there is no greater happiness for a manager than an independent employee who does not need to go after him, kick him, forgive, motivate, inspire and persuade him to do his job. The ability to organize yourself and your workflow is a big plus in the karma of an employee and a joy for the company.

Be like a cat. Be independent.

Timely kindness

Animals have an amazing feeling and often come to the aid of their owners at the very moment when they so need support. Lie on the part of the body that hurts, rub your nose and purr, distracting from sad thoughts, elegantly fall apart right in front of the owner, quietly sobbing with resentment.

What is the cat doing? It comforts, distracts, makes you smile, makes you happy, gives hope that the world is not so bad.

A candidate who wants to establish friendly, long-term relations with an employer, to please him and win him over to his side, must show a sincere interest both in the employer himself (more precisely, the person who represents him – a recruiter, HR manager or supervisor) and difficulties , problems, goals and objectives of the company. After all, not only the employer must create a space for communication, but the candidate can both promote pleasant relationships and completely kill their chances of getting a job invitation.

Be friendly, be open, take a step towards the employer and don’t look for a dirty trick when there is none.

If you are a dog lover, replace the word “cat” with “dog” in this article and, in principle, the meaning will not change much. Our smaller brothers, if you show observation, can sometimes act as wonderful teachers for us. The above four qualities are far from all of those that contribute to the unprecedented success of cats among humans. And yes, their popularity, of course, can be envied, but you can wind up, take note and try to charm your future employer on your own.

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