5 steps to make a better impression from the first minutes of your interview

How do I make the interview work from the start? Here are 5 tips that will help the applicant “light up” from the first minute of the meeting.

Get ready

You should prepare for an interview, as well as for other business meetings. You may be asked different questions, but there are several traditional ones, the answers to which can be prepared in advance. For example:

“Tell us about yourself? »

“Please describe your accomplishments.

“Why did you leave your previous job? »

Just retelling your resume at the interview is not an option, because the recruiter has already read it and received basic information about you from this document. In the form of answers to the most common questions, you can prepare several stories that describe your achievements and failures (they are also important, because they show that you are capable of self-realization and can learn from your mistakes). Arm yourself with these stories before the interview, they will help you exude confidence from the first minute and as a result, build a better conversation.

After all, an interview is primarily a conversation during which the employer wants to get to know you better, and you want to get to know the company better and learn more about the position.

Stop rehearsals

About a day before the interview, you should stop preparing for it. Stop silently saying to yourself the answers to common questions that you prepared earlier. Decide in advance on the clothes you are going to wear. Figure out the route you will take to your interview. And exhale.

Even in theaters, the day before the premiere, actors are prohibited from rehearsing their roles so as not to overload their psyches.

You should do the same. On the day of your interview, make it your priority to arrive for your interview on time and in a good mood.

Be on time

Being late for an interview is a mistake that it will be very difficult for a recruiter to forgive, so try not to be late. And if you feel that you will not be able to arrive on time, be sure to let us know.

But it will also be inappropriate to come strongly in advance. It may happen that before meeting you, the HR has scheduled an interview with another job seeker and he cannot be distracted to meet you. Or he will still meet, but such a rush will spoil 2 interviews at once: yours and another candidate.

It is inappropriate to come half an hour or 20 minutes before the interview, preferably 5-10 minutes before.

And if you have not calculated the time and nevertheless arrived much earlier than the appointed time, you can, for example, have a drink of water or tea in a nearby cafe.

Be nice from the first seconds

Smile and be relaxed as soon as you get to the office. Even if at the entrance you are met not by the HR, but by another employee, be friendly with him. Have a nice day and smile at everyone you meet at the office.

Remember, the interview starts from the first second of your appearance, because later she may ask about the first impression of you from those colleagues who met you at the reception or in the hallways.

Don’t overestimate the significance of the event

An interview is not an exam. There are no right or wrong answers on it. Treat the interview easier, not as a showcase, but as a pleasant conversation. This will help to overcome the anxiety and open up to the recruiter, relieve the stressful atmosphere during the meeting.

To be relaxed and open during the interview, try this exercise: rate the value of the interview compared to your entire life. Understand that this is one event in a million others and one day in your at least 70 years.

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